The Book of Shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo & Jen Lowe

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Examples Gallery

This is a collection of examples extracted from the chapters of this book together with shared shaders kindly donated by other readers using the on-line editor. Feel free to explore and tweak them bit by bit. Once you have something you are proud of, click the "Export" and then copy the "URL to code...". Send it to @bookofshaders or @kyndinfo. We are looking forward to see it!

2D Matrices

Matrix is a very powerful tool for manipulating vectors. By mastering how to use matrices, you can freely translate, scale and rotate shapes. Since the technique can be equally applied to anything expressed by vectors, we will look at many more advanced use of matrices later in this book. Matrices may look complex at a first glance, but you'll find it very handy and useful as you get used to the concept. Let's practice here and learn basics with simple examples.