The Book of Shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo & Jen Lowe

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Examples Gallery

This is a collection of examples extracted from the chapters of this book together with shared shaders kindly donated by other readers using the on-line editor. Feel free to explore and tweak them bit by bit. Once you have something you are proud of, click the "Export" and then copy the "URL to code...". Send it to @bookofshaders or @kyndinfo. We are looking forward to see it!


How can we create more natural looking textures like surface of the roads, rocks, trees and clouds? Noise function is the answer. Since Ken Perlin invented his first noise algorithm in 80s, the technique has been extensively used throughout computer graphics and simulations. Even if you have never heard of the name, it's not possible you have never seen it. Let's look step by step at how the function is built and works. We also cover more efficient version of the algorithm called simplex noise.