The Book of Shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo & Jen Lowe

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Examples Gallery

This is a collection of examples extracted from the chapters of this book together with shared shaders kindly donated by other readers using the on-line editor. Feel free to explore and tweak them bit by bit. Once you have something you are proud of, click the "Export" and then copy the "URL to code...". Send it to @bookofshaders or @kyndinfo. We are looking forward to see it!

Procedural Textures

kynd Nov 20, 2016

Shaders are often used to create realistic surfaces of natural or artificial material such as wood, marble, granite, metal, stone, etc. without using photographs or pre-rendered images. Here are demonstrations of some basic techniques. All the examples are based on a number of random and noise functions from Random, Noise, Cellular Noise and Fractal Brownian Motion chapters. Once you get the basic ideas, try tweaking and adding more details to make them more realistic, coming up with new textures and optimizing the performance.

Note that the terrain examples at the bottom use normal map and lighting which are techniques not yet introduced in this book. In short, what they do is to generate a map of the directions of the surface and shade the pixels accordingly. We will cover these ideas in future chapters. Stay tuned.